Monday, March 14, 2011

Online mini-prayer retreat

Since it is Lent, I have been looking for some ways to be more reflective, slow down, rest in God, etc. I really need to get away for a couple days on a retreat, to spend time specifically focused on Jesus and listening for His voice. That is still in the planning stages, but while looking around for some options this morning, I found a resource online that looks interesting to me and thought I would share.

There is a daily, 3-minute, online spiritual retreat with Scriptures, questions and pictures. They have a new one each day:

I tried it out this morning and found it brief but relaxing...a nice way to start the day.

Apparently, you can sign up to get a daily email reminder that gives you a link to the daily "retreat"--if it something you find interesting.

p.s. For some reason I felt like checking in on my blog site today, after an absence of about 8 months. I have been bombarded by spam on here and just got tired of dealing with it, but am thinking about maybe being more regular on here or just deleting the blog. Gotta decide one way or another about that. Thanks for checking in!


Jessica LaGrone said...

More blogging please! Must know your brilliant thoughts!

Corky said...

it would be a shame to stop blogging - some of us have been following you from the beginning. I agree with Jessica - more blogging please.